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- ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
- ERP.Production - Manufacturing Process Control
- ERP.Construction - Construction and Installation
- ERP.Repair - Repair activity (Service)
- ERP.Finance – Company Financial Accounting
- ERP.Storage - Warehouse
- ERP.Client - Customer Relationship Management
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- Warehouse complex WMS.Management
- Address storage module and mobile terminals
- Trade and warehouse program IWS.Trade
- Warehouse software IWS.Storage
- Stock program IWS.Easy
Accounting software
- Germes, accounting software
- Germes, details
- Germes, description
- Germes: budgeting, financial analysis
Software for construction companies
- Construction cost estimates
- Construction cost estimates, extended
- Construction Accounting
Software for transport companies
- CargoPro-Multi: multimodal freight forwarding
- Cargo Pro: consolidated cargoes
- CargoPro-RF: rail forwarding
- CargoPro-SF: sea shipment
- CargoPro-Container: sales and delivery of containers
- Road-transport forwarding
- MultiEx, supply chain management
- Railway freight forwarding
- Railcars Management
- Bunker +, bunkering management process
- Print documents TIR
- Print documents CMR, SMGS, EVR
- Flow of documents of the forwarding company
Software for the printing industry
- Managing the process of printing production
- Specialized trade and warehouse complex for the printing industry
Software for the fishing and fish-processing industry
- Specialized trade and warehouse programm to account for fish products
- Manage the processing of fish
Specialized software
- CheckingPlus+, measuring laboratory
- Account and analysis of fuel consumption
- Account and analysis of tires wear-off
- Account and analysis of car mileage (travel journal)
- Account and analysis of time spent
- Account and analysis of trade turnover
- Comprehensive record keeping
- Short information GPS system
- Using
- The possibilities of the rendered service
- A simplified scheme of the work
- Voice recognition technologies
- Mobile terminals
- Logical processing
- Monitoring and management



One of the most uncomfortable issues for companies specialising in measurements, calibration and verification is the huge amount of time that needs to be spent on paperwork and archive work. CheckingPlus+ software package is designed for the organization of the business process of companies providing measuring laboratory services, and it significantly reduces the time spent on the preparation of documentation. The warehouse module helps to organize the acceptance and issue of the equipment to be verified or calibrated, and the technical facilities tracking module ensures timely control and repairs. The overhead costs module allows the real profit of the company or subdivision for any time period to be viewed. In view of this, CheckingPlus+ software package can cater for all the information needs of a company, including document flow and the calculation of the company’s real financial performance.

Measuring laboratory

• Registration of a variety of measuring, equipment calibration and verification operations in accordance with specialised procedures;
• Importing the majority of data concerning the equipment being verified or calibrated from a standardized catalogue when the type of measurement is entered;
• Automatic preparation of measurement records on the basis of measurement data and the data from the measuring operations catalogue;
• Option of the preparation of reporting documentation on the basis of the general and detailed record principle that vary for each type of measuring operations;
• System that documents measuring operations, containing the basic and detailed data of the measurement process: type of device, class of device, limit of effective range, method, record, device number, label number, standard, calibration period, date of the following calibration, etc.;
• Searching by any operation, the equipment being verified or calibrated, the customer, activity category or any other parameter of the measuring process;
• Standardized catalogue of measuring operations.

Warehouse module

• Automatic transfer of the equipment to be verified or calibrated from the warehouse to the measuring laboratory and back with a push of a button regardless of the amount of products, including the preparation of accompanying documents; 
• Automated reception and issue of products and transfer from warehouse to warehouse, including the above preliminary operations;
• Manual reception and issue of products as well as adjustment of any data;
• Standard nomenclature reference to make manual entry faster;
• Option of entering the data concerning receipt and issue into systems beforehand;
• Recording of the customers’ and the company’s own measuring equipment; customization to meet the requirements for the recording of equipment, tools and sales of components;
• The reporting system providing real-time information concerning the running balance and a particular date, as well as information concerning warehouse turnover, receipt and issue, including the analysis broken down by product characteristics, activity categories, warehouses, departments, orders of the owners, invoices, etc.
• Standard warehouse documentation customized to meet the requirements of the particular company;
• Lot recording; operations with quality certificates;
• Optimization of the layout of products: ABC analysis, reconfiguration of racks, stock location.

Equipment module

• Keeping the database of the customers’ and the company’s own equipment, including the frequency and nature of repairs; 
• Information about the necessary repairs and spare parts; 
• Preparation of spare parts purchase orders and job orders in accordance with the database of repairs;
• Calendar planning of repairs and maintenance; 
• Aggregation and storage of cost data for further analysis; 
• Aggregation and storage of data about events (failures, emergencies) for further analysis; 
• Standard and extended maintenance and repair reports;
• Recording of the repairs, maintenance, calibration and verification of the measuring laboratory’s own equipment;
• Integration with SCADA interface by means of the exchange of files containing equipment operating age data;
• Automatic generation of a maintenance or repair task and its addition to the document flow table.

Overhead costs of the company; economic analysis of the company’s operation

• System for the accounting of incoming general invoices in relation to activity categories;
• Economic value analysis of the activity category and the company as a whole;
• Monitoring of the flow of funds for each accounting object, using multi-level analysis of the company’s performance broken down by the following parameters:
 - salary, including piecework remuneration and time-based wages (for the given period and the cumulative amount); 
 - materials,
 - fixed operational costs (rent, leasing etc.) , including the analysis of planned and actually spent funds (for the given period and the cumulative amount)
 - taxes (for the given period and the cumulative amount);
 - analysis of several activity categories.

Supplementary options

• Document forwarding system, including execution monitoring;
• Fast switching between documents;
• Central monitoring of the completion of all types of tasks with an option of viewing issued, completed, uncompleted and overdue tasks in the document flow system;
• Colour highlighting of priorities depending on urgency: immediate, urgent (within a day), scheduled (with the due date stated). Completion monitoring with colour coding;
• System of issued invoices with analysis broken down by customers;
• Option of creating a separate tariff scheme for each type of customer and for each individual customer;
• Monitoring of payments;
• Separate analysis of the company’s activity categories.


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