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- ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
- ERP.Production - Manufacturing Process Control
- ERP.Construction - Construction and Installation
- ERP.Repair - Repair activity (Service)
- ERP.Finance Ė Company Financial Accounting
- ERP.Storage - Warehouse
- ERP.Client - Customer Relationship Management
Warehouse software
- Warehouse complex WMS.Management
- Address storage module and mobile terminals
- Trade and warehouse program IWS.Trade
- Warehouse software IWS.Storage
- Stock program IWS.Easy
Accounting software
- Germes, accounting software
- Germes, details
- Germes, description
- Germes: budgeting, financial analysis
Software for construction companies
- Construction cost estimates
- Construction cost estimates, extended
- Construction Accounting
Software for transport companies
- CargoPro-Multi: multimodal freight forwarding
- Cargo Pro: consolidated cargoes
- CargoPro-RF: rail forwarding
- CargoPro-SF: sea shipment
- CargoPro-Container: sales and delivery of containers
- Road-transport forwarding
- MultiEx, supply chain management
- Railway freight forwarding
- Railcars Management
- Bunker +, bunkering management process
- Print documents TIR
- Print documents CMR, SMGS, EVR
- Flow of documents of the forwarding company
Software for the printing industry
- Managing the process of printing production
- Specialized trade and warehouse complex for the printing industry
Software for the fishing and fish-processing industry
- Specialized trade and warehouse programm to account for fish products
- Manage the processing of fish
Specialized software
- CheckingPlus+, measuring laboratory
- Account and analysis of fuel consumption
- Account and analysis of tires wear-off
- Account and analysis of car mileage (travel journal)
- Account and analysis of time spent
- Account and analysis of trade turnover
- Comprehensive record keeping
- Short information GPS system
- Using
- The possibilities of the rendered service
- A simplified scheme of the work
- Voice recognition technologies
- Mobile terminals
- Logical processing
- Monitoring and management


Mobile terminals.

PDA, equipped by GPS-signals receiver and GPRS, are used as car mobile terminals The protocol TCP/IP is used for data communication in both sides. The telephones Benefon Track and SMS-communication can be used as carried mobile terminals. These devices look like usual mobile telephones and are more intended for carrying. They are comfortable, compact and can work from their own battery for rather long time. Autonomous feeding permits their use everywhere. Itís possible to put Benefon Track on bicycle or water motorcycle (watertight covering). There is a special bag for carrying it on shoulder (in this case GPS receiver works the best). 

Software on mobile terminal solves the following problems:

  • double-sided exchange by logical messages, providing interaction between terminal and traffic manager,
  • sending of exact coordinates of mobile station location to server, 
  • passed distances on the base of GPS data or signals from car measuring devices,
  • graphic part, helping in mode of electronic card graphically to show the location of mobile terminal and object, giving call.

NB! The system is big and complicated, thatís why it is possible to place only general information to this web-site. In case of a bigger interest towards all capacities, technical properties and other aspects of the system, please contact us contact@net-working.ee.  

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