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I have designed a system of account and analysis of use of the bus wheels in the companies Tallinna Autobussikondise AS and TAK Reisid AS. Its purpose is an analysis and collation of wheels´ runs with data from the travel sheets. The system of “client-server” type (SQL).

Program answers the main question what producers rubber is profitable to use in conditions of analysed enterprise.

The main functions:

  • Full account of wheel rubber, including

    • wheel rubber in usages

    • wheel rubber under repair

    • wheel rubber in protection

    • utilized wheel rubber

    • reserve wheel rubber


  • Travel sheets

  • Account of transport facilities

  • Possibility of inventory

  • Logical check of the used data

    • lack of wheels of transport facility

    • discrepancy of dates of montage-takedown

    • several wheels on one working place

  • Analysis of the wheel’s run in the following division:

    • run of wheels (new, after protection, repaired, utilized, on stock, history of wheel’s run)

    • producer or protector of wheel (run before protection, run before repair, run before utilization, run after protection, run after repair, reasons of utilization)

    • using mark of transport facility ( run before refuse on concrete mark of transport facility, run before refuse on concrete garage number )

    • storehouse ( on protection, under repair, in reserve )


Transport facilities

Travel sheets

The main input form for data about wheel rubber

An additional form for the history of wheel rubber location on working place

Run of wheels of transport facilities by the current moment

Run of the repaired wheels

Run of the wheel by the given moment, with the respect to the wheel producer, garage number and marks of transport facility

Run of the utilized wheel

The run of the utilized wheel grouped by producer plant and protector. According to the report Michelin wheels have the maximum wheel run until refuse (the numbers are made up, and the presented report should not influence other companies randomly put into the report).

 NB! All data provided in demonstration forms are made up and any coincidences are casual.  

The software was developed using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

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