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One of the most uncomfortable issues for construction companies is the huge amount of time that needs to be spent on making estimates for customers. Most firms do not charge a fee for a preliminary estimate, so a lot of time is wasted unproductively.

It is for the solution of this problem that Construction Estimate software was developed, allowing the efficiency of cooperation with actual customers to be maximized and the time period between receiving an order and signing the contract to be minimized.

The software features the following functionalities:

- Automated preparation of estimates on the basis of the data in reference compendiums for construction works, their prices and performance standards, materials, machinery, etc. according to the method of input costing.
- Multi-level structure of the cost estimate to be generated containing the type of the project which, in its turn, contains all the types of construction works. All the works are described in detail as to their scope and price, materials, labour costs and machinery. 
- Automated costing of the scope of works in accordance with the price list.
- Option for truly user-friendly reduction of the combined cost of works to a particular amount of money.
- Preparation of estimates on the basis of ready templates.
- Option for creating an estimate on the basis of an existing one.
- Option for creating a template for each standard construction project. The generation of further estimates implies only entering construction dimensions and automatic calculation of the scope of works on the site. 
- Calculation of the area of rooms.
- Automated preparation of accompanying documentation.
- Archive of all the documentation for an unlimited time period. 
- Fast information search in the archive across various parameters (the number of the price quotation, estimate, customer, etc.).
- Reference compendium of works, including labour standards and comprising the names of construction works of all types and standards for their performance. Now the software can create its own price lists in the form of calculations on the basis of the materials used and labour standards.
- The list of materials with actual prices consisting of 2000 positions; labour standards consisting of 100 positions; machinery consisting of 15 positions, and 200 standards for works. 
- The list of works in the order of their completion, amounting to around 400, starting with earthwork and piling and down to cleaning operations prior to facility commissioning. Reference versions have been created for the construction of private houses in a variety of sizes. Each consists of several parts containing all the materials, labour standards and machinery. To start generating an estimate, you only need to choose works from the list, and you will instantly get a full complete list of works in the format of an estimate in which you will need to enter the quantity of works, metric dimensions and other variables.
- Option for the calculation of work packages in accordance with standards (when the metric dimension for the installation of plasterboard is specified, the software will calculate the number of screws, framework pieces, the quantity of film and paint, etc. for the current calculation). 
- Common forms for ordering all the materials aggregated from all calculations, so that you would know the total quantities of materials for the project and will not have to keep going back and forth to buy the same type of screws.
- The concept of prime cost has been introduced: once you have entered how much you pay to the worker (or for materials) and the sum of invoice to the customer for a particular job (or materials), you can see how much you have earned from a particular construction project. Before, 2 estimates had to fulfil this purpose one for the customer and one for your company.
- What has also been added is documentation concerning invoices, payments (including partial payments) and an option to receive operational documentation concerning debtors.
- Numerous additional service modes.
- Requirements for documentation vary among companies, so we are going to customize the documentation concerning contracts, certificates, job orders, etc. for each individual customer, which will be included in the overall price without an additional fee.
- Option for adding complementary functionalities which are not supported by the software at the moment but would be of great use for you.

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