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The motor vehicle forwarding software allows the organization of the transportation process and the execution of the relevant documentation to be performed on an ongoing basis. It also allows the time spent on routine operations to be reduced considerably. The economic analysis of the companyís performance results broken down by any indicator is an optional functionality.

The forwarding software comprises the following:

1. The module for the registration and analysis of the operation of drivers and motor vehicles broken down by runs and tours ; the option of the analysis of the transportation process on the basis of costs, profit, etc. Analysis results concerning the entire scope of activity or a particular shipment can be obtained.
2. The personnel module containing comprehensive information about the personnel employed. It allows fast employee information search providing a range of utility functions.
3. The customer module containing comprehensive information about the customer. It allows fast customer information search providing a range of utility functions.

The following sections are meant for the implementation of the above capabilities:

ņ. Reference compendium and management attributes
1. The data concerning runs and tours, including all the relevant information pertaining to the particular shipment.
2. Customers
3. Trucks
4. Trailers
5. Drivers
6. TIR
7. Transit permits
8. The necessary number of reference compendiums ranging between 7 and 10.

¬. Reporting options
1. Two reporting forms varying in degrees of detalization on the basis of the analysis of the transportation process broken down by trips and tours with options for extra sampling, grouping and sorting criteria.
2. The detailed report on the trip with options for extra sampling, grouping and sorting criteria.
3. Two reports for each reference compendium or attribute, for instance, motor vehicles, trailers, drivers, etc., with options for extra sampling, grouping and sorting criteria.

—. Additional features
1. Option of checking the driversí passports and visa expiration dates
2. Option of checking vehicle regular inspection deadlines
3. Option for checking mandatory insurance expiration dates
4. Automated printing of letters of authority for drivers
5. The management of TIR documents
6. The management of transit permits
7. Cost-benefit analysis for any period, broken down by several criteria
8. The analysis of the cargos shipped, broken down by several criteria

The price of the software package covers the following:
1. Customization for the use at the particular customerís enterprise.
2. Installation.
3. Setup.
4. Training the personnel to use the complete software package.
5. One year of warranty.
6. Provision of software support for one year, including the resolution of any problems that might occur during the use of the software. The support does not cover the solution of problems that have occurred due to the customerís fault.

The software was developed using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

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