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- ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
- ERP.Production - Manufacturing Process Control
- ERP.Construction - Construction and Installation
- ERP.Repair - Repair activity (Service)
- ERP.Finance – Company Financial Accounting
- ERP.Storage - Warehouse
- ERP.Client - Customer Relationship Management
Warehouse software
- Warehouse complex WMS.Management
- Address storage module and mobile terminals
- Trade and warehouse program IWS.Trade
- Warehouse software IWS.Storage
- Stock program IWS.Easy
Accounting software
- Germes, accounting software
- Germes, details
- Germes, description
- Germes: budgeting, financial analysis
Software for construction companies
- Construction cost estimates
- Construction cost estimates, extended
- Construction Accounting
Software for transport companies
- CargoPro-Multi: multimodal freight forwarding
- Cargo Pro: consolidated cargoes
- CargoPro-RF: rail forwarding
- CargoPro-SF: sea shipment
- CargoPro-Container: sales and delivery of containers
- Road-transport forwarding
- MultiEx, supply chain management
- Railway freight forwarding
- Railcars Management
- Bunker +, bunkering management process
- Print documents TIR
- Print documents CMR, SMGS, EVR
- Flow of documents of the forwarding company
Software for the printing industry
- Managing the process of printing production
- Specialized trade and warehouse complex for the printing industry
Software for the fishing and fish-processing industry
- Specialized trade and warehouse programm to account for fish products
- Manage the processing of fish
Specialized software
- CheckingPlus+, measuring laboratory
- Account and analysis of fuel consumption
- Account and analysis of tires wear-off
- Account and analysis of car mileage (travel journal)
- Account and analysis of time spent
- Account and analysis of trade turnover
- Comprehensive record keeping
- Short information GPS system
- Using
- The possibilities of the rendered service
- A simplified scheme of the work
- Voice recognition technologies
- Mobile terminals
- Logical processing
- Monitoring and management


General information about Construction Economics software

Construction Economics software is designed for automated data preparation for the financial accounting of the projects of a construction company. It allows the efficiency of the operations for the calculation of a construction company’s financial performance to be maximized.

The simple and user-friendly software interface ensures that it will not take employees with basic computer skills long to learn how to use it and prepare data in real time. The software takes up little memory, which allows the software package to be set up on portable computers for mobility and work to be organized on site. Minimum requirements for hardware ensure the software can be used at virtually any workplace.


The software is meant for the monitoring of the flow of funds during the management of projects by construction companies, monitoring of work progress and adherence to work completion timeframes as well as obtaining data about the financial performance of the company. Within the organization, it can be used by heads of organizations and subdivisions for real-time monitoring of the completion of works and the financing of completed works in the company as a whole, but also by construction estimators for working on particular projects and estimates. Simple business terminology is used in the software, which contributes to the ease of its implementation and understanding. You do not have to be an accountant or economist in order to be able to use the software successfully.

Main functionalities of the software:

• Monitoring of the flow of funds for each construction project, using multi-level analysis of the company’s performance broken down by the following parameters:
- materials utilized for the construction, including the analysis of planned and actually spent funds (for the given period and the cumulative amount);
- salary, including piecework remuneration and time-based wages with the analysis of planned and actually spent funds and work hours (for the given period and the cumulative amount);
- the warehouse;
- fixed operational costs (rent, leasing etc.) , including the analysis of planned and actually spent funds both for the (for the given period and the cumulative amount);
- taxes, including the analysis of planned and actually spent funds (for the given period and the cumulative amount);
- issued invoices and the settlement thereof.

• Analysis of the obtained data that allow the following: 
- analysis of planned and actually spent funds (for the given period and the cumulative amount);
- comparison of costs grouped by standard items of construction costs at 5 levels of detail of the obtained data, starting with the “total” cost item and down to the analysis of the particular utilized material, work or machine; 
- analysis of the construction for the project within any period as well as stage by stage and floor by floor with the total figure available for a particular date, including the analysis of the price and prime cost of a square metre and the unit cost of the facility under construction;
- analysis of several activity categories;  
- analysis of subcontracts and general contracts, including the analysis of planned and actually spent funds (for the given period and the cumulative amount).

• Full integration with Construction Estimate and Microsoft Project software supports the following:
- importing estimates from Construction Estimate software, including detailed data concerning materials, works and machinery;
- exporting data to Microsoft Project and automated preparation of the schedule of works;
- systematization of data in accordance with the building standard.

• Real-time evaluation of the general economic situation of the enterprise and the economic benefit from a particular order being completed or the company’s activity category.

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