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WEB development
- Using web interfaces for modern accounting systems
- Implementation in retail warehousing facilities
- Implementation in industrial warehouse facilities
- Implementation in transport logistics
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- Virtual server rent (Virtual server, VDS/VPS: Virtual Dedicated Server/Virtual Private Server))
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Implementation in transport logistics

Logistics involves the movement of the required quantity of goods to the particular point of destination along the optimum route within the requested timeframe and at the lowest cost. Constant logistical process monitoring throughout its duration, including supplementary information concerning the services rendered and financial settlements, is equally important for the consignee and for the supplier managing their cargo flow. The web interface makes all aspect of the logistical process available online on a 24/7 basis.

The web interface of the logistical facility can provide the following functionalities:

  • Shipping requests and provisional estimate of the transportation cost
  • Registration of cargo shipping orders, monitoring of the status of the cargo, its history and changes
  • Recording of the services rendered; automatic calculation of the cost of services on the basis of rates, issuing of standardized documents (invoices, certificates of services rendered, verification records)
  • Planning of the cargo movement along the route and real-time updating of information about cargo location
  • Placement of shipping documentation templates
  • Any other functionalities needed that exist in the principal system

More detailed information about solutions for transport logistics is available at CargoPro-Multi: multimodal freight forwarding; CargoPro-RF: rail forwarding; Cargo Pro: consolidated cargoes; Road-transport forwarding; Railway freight forwarding; Railcars Management; Print documents CMR, SMGS, EVR.

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