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- Implementation in retail warehousing facilities
- Implementation in industrial warehouse facilities
- Implementation in transport logistics
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Implementation in industrial warehouse facilities

The management and monitoring of the organization and control of inventory transactions between the stages of the production process, including the supply of materials and raw materials to work places as well as the planning, organization and management of in-process transportation, buffering (warehousing) and maintenance of the reserves of raw materials, materials and unfinished goods as well as production processes of the preparation, processing and assembly of finished goods basically constitute industrial control.

It is especially in case of remote production facilities that one can notice the advantages of the web interface for the analysis of production key performance indicators by using relatively simple means of data analysis and report generation. The collection, aggregation and visual representation of data about performance, costs, production processes, equipment downtime, production quality and deviations will be available online on a 24/7 basis.

The web interface of the production module can provide the following functionalities:

  • Utilization of production capacities on the basis of detailed production planning operation by operation
  • Tracking of production facilities; control over the actual progress of the production process
  • Collection of production-related information from
    1. Production process automation systems
    2. Sensors
    3. Equipment
    4. Personnel
    5. Software systems
    6. Downtime and work time tracking, equipment availability monitoring, etc.
  • Control and monitoring of quality parameters
  • Providing the personnel and equipment with the information necessary for starting a production process
  • Establishing personnel and equipment interaction within the scope of production
  • Establishing interaction among the production, suppliers, consumers, the engineering department, the sales department and the management
  • Responding to
    1. Requirements for the range of production
    2. Changes in components, raw materials and semi-finished products used in the production process
    3. Changes in product specifications
    4. Availability of personnel and production capacities
    5. Availability of raw materials and semi-finished products
  • Conformity to industrial standards and quality standards
  • Any other functionalities needed that exist in the principal system

More detailed information about production warehousing facilities is available at ERP.Production - Manufacturing Process Control; ERP.Storage - Warehouse; Specialized trade and warehouse programm to account for fish products.

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