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Server colocation

Equipment colocation is the service of allocating physical space in a data centre to server and communication equipment. In most cases, colocation implies renting space on a telecommunication rack, where specified power supply, Internet connection and maintenance are provided and certain environmental parameters are guaranteed.

We would like you to benefit from our modern approach to colocation services and will gladly prepare a tailored price offer for your project. Our equipment colocation service can be provided as placement on a rack or in the form of standard system units. We accept the following types of system block and other equipment form factors: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, Desktop, FootPrint, SlimLine, UltraSlimLine, MiniTower, MidiTower, BigTower, SuperFullTower and others.

The equipment colocation service comprises the following:
1. Free installation of the equipment to be included in colocation.
2. Uninterrupted power supply.
3. The air conditioning and ventilation system providing the temperature and humidity necessary for the perfect functioning of the equipment.
4. Around-the-clock security with the use of CCTV and access control systems.
5. High-speed data links with unlimited traffic.
6. SLA contract.
7. 24/7 maintenance.
8. Scheduled maintenance.

If your company’s operation requires software, we can sell it or rent it out. In case additional computing resources prove to be necessary in the process of the use of your equipment, we will gladly provide a fast and convenient option of renting a virtual or dedicated server.

When the equipment colocation service is ordered, we take all the needs of the customer into consideration, making sure to cater for minimum and highly specific requirements alike, and make a price offer precisely tailored for you on the basis of all of the above.

Request a price offer for the colocation of equipment by e-mail contact@net-working.ee.

More detailed information about modern accounting systems is available at www.pilv24.ee.


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