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- Using web interfaces for modern accounting systems
- Implementation in retail warehousing facilities
- Implementation in industrial warehouse facilities
- Implementation in transport logistics
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Implementation in retail warehousing facilities

The functionalities provided by a distributed information system can create great opportunities for the optimization of a retail warehousing facility on all stages from receiving advance information about incoming cargo to the history of warehouse issues for the purpose of goods turnover analysis. The web interface of the retail warehousing facility can provide the following functionalities:

  •  The functionality of simultaneous operation of multiple points of sale, consignment warehouses and representatives through the web interface while data are accumulated in the headquarters in the form of a multi-language interface
  • Providing customers and dealers with autonomous access to the information about leftover stock (without the editing option), turnovers of incoming and issued goods, sales analytics and the relevant sales forecasts, inventory movement and other data in the 24/7 mode through the web
  • Accounting functionalities, including the history and execution of orders, running balance, invoices and payments, current monetary balance
  • Option of creating the functionality of the placement of orders for acceptance and dispatch directly in the accounting system at any time and in any physical location, which will considerably decrease the load of the office personnel and increase operational efficiency
  • Sales analytics for forecasting future sales, current stock and minimum inventory. Eventually, preliminary calculation of the quantity of goods to be issued to the store (stores) for marketing
  • Availability of detailed reports about the status of mutual settlements with the enterprise and goods movement to your partner on the portal
  • In case a remote warehouse is used, the web environment will allow you to see the status of order processing and whether the dispatch has been performed in real time immediately after goods have been issued from the warehouse
  • Prices of goods can be changed centrally in the principal system
  •  Default forwarding of information about payments to the warehouse and the accounting department
  • Any other functionalities needed that exist in the principal system

More detailed information about retail warehousing facilities is available at ERP.Storage - Warehouse; Trade and warehouse program IWS.Trade; Specialized trade and warehouse programm to account for fish products; Warehouse complex WMS.Management.

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